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46 Morgan Ketch Donna Sea at dock in St. Barts




 Rough Seas Going to St. Barts

 A More Pleasant Day



 Relaxing on Donna Sea

Fun at Road Bay, Anguilla






We anchored inside a flooded volcano, Ile de Fourche (France),

and snorkled off the boat to photograph the bottom.

Lost my contacts down there on my first dive :(



Trip Motto:  There!


We picked up Donna Sea at Bahama Yacht Service (BYS) in Philipsburg on the Netherlands' side of St. Maarten.   We  sailed to a new ancorage daily, crosssing into UK, France, and Dutch territories.  We returned the boat a week later to BYS in Philipsburg.  The trip included visits to:

Philipsburg, St. Maarten (Netherlands)
Marigot Bay, St. Maarten (France)
Road Bay, Anguilla (UK)
Sandy Island (UK)
Prickley Pears (UK)
Crocus Bay, Anguilla (UK)
Tintamarre Island (France)
Orient Bay, St. Martin (France)
Gustavia, St. Barthelemy (France)
Colombier Bay, St. Barts (France)
Ile De Fourche (France)
Simson Bay, St. Maarten (Netherlands)

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