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    A chronology  


It all started here, with a Sunfish

in1985 on Bev's 50th at Bolton Lake, CT.


Sunfish logo

Bev's Sunfish at Bolton Lake

In 1986 we took two ASA sailing courses in New Haven, CT sailing a Sonar 23 and a Pearson 26 on Long Island Sound.1

986 Basic Sailing

ASA Logo

In 1987 we discovered the joy of bareboat chartering in the Caribbean during the winter.  We have sailed many of the islands from the BVI to the Grenadines, the Florida Keys, and the Turkish Mediterranean Coast.


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1987 Coastal Cruising


1987 British Virgin Islands

1988 British Virgin Islands

1989 Windward Islands

1990 St. Vincent

In 1991 we took the skipper certification course from the Annapolis Sailing School.  We sailed a Morgan 37 from Marathon to Key West and back.

1991 Florida Keys

Also in 1991 we got our Flying Scot, Dutch Treat, a 19 ft. racing dinghy and joined the Candlewood Yacht Club, New Fairfield, CT.

Flying Scott on Candelewood Lake, Conn.


We traded the Scot for a Catalina 22 in 1992 and kept it on a slip at Candlewood Lake, CT.  We stored it on the trailer in winter.

Adventuress on Candlewood Lake

Adventuress at Candlewood Lake, Conn.



1992 British Virgin Islands




1994 Mediterranean Coast

In 1996 we moved to our home on sailboat water in Englewood, FL.  We trailered her here and renamed her Placebo.   Summer time water temp: 92   

Typical Catalina 22

Placebo at home in Florida

Placebo at home in Englewood, Florida

1996 Florida Sailing

For Christmas '04 Darin towed his Hobie 16 from Colorado to Florida.

Hobie 16 Logo

First launch of Squzme`

First launch of Squzme`

1998 Florida Motorboat Sea Puppy



2004 Florida

In March '07 we adopted our Sea Wind 24.  An Australian designed small cruising catamaran no longer in production. About 2000 lbs. displacement with 400 sq. ft. of sail + a 500 sq. ft. spinnaker. Named her Adrenalin after hitting 16 kts. in Lemon Bay.

Adrenalin's 1st departure from our dock

2007 Florida



Synchronized Skating    Dance Skating   Sailing